How does it work?

When using Microsoft Active Sync to synchronise your Smartphone with Exchange Server, you will not be able to see any Public Folders, this is where you need SmartaFone.

SmartaFone is an application which synchronises Public Folders to a user's Personal Mailbox.  Once the Personal Folder is created, it is available just like any other Personal Folder on your Smartphone.

The image on the right, taken from Microsoft Outlook, shows how Smartafone has replicated a number of Public Folders to a user's Personal Mailbox, under the sub folder SmartaFone Folders.  Any number of Public Folders can be replicated in this manner.

Note that you can also synchronise to the default Calendar, Contact and Inbox folders if your Smartphone does not support muliple folders.

Types of Synchronisation

Each synchronisation between a user's Private Folder and the Exchange Server Public Folder is known as a Task. 

As can be seen from the New Task Wizard screenshot, when setting up a new Task you can decide how the data should be replicated.  One way only, two way or two way partial. 

Outlook Folders

How easy is SmartaFone to use?

The SmartaFone installation takes only minutes to install on your Exchange Server.  Once the instllation is complete you will have the SmartaFone Task Manager application available, which is all you need to set up multiple users with multiple Public Folders.

There is nothing to install on your Smartphone, no matter which make or model you have.

The image below shows the Task Manager interface, which is simple to use and has a wizard for creating new Tasks.  Each Task synchronises a Public Folder to a user's Private Folder.

Tasks can be viewed either by user or by Public Folder.  The number of users you can add depends on the licence you purchased, however, any number of Tasks can be created, so you could have many Public Folders on a single Smartphone, having purchased a one user licence.