So what's the problem?

Have you noticed that although your Smartphone can display your email, personal calendar and contacts, it cannot show any Exchange Server Public Folders? 

Now you can with SmartaFone!

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Download our fully functional SmartaFone software to see for yourself the flexibility that your mobile work force will enjoy once installed.

Simply register on this site by clicking on the Register link at the top of the page and you will then have access to our downloads section.  You will also find installation and user manuals.

SmartaFone solves the problem
Imagine you could share a calendar with all your mobile workforce. 

How about a central contacts database that is always up to date on all devices?

With SmartaFone you can! 

Whether you use Android, iPhone, Windows Phone or any other device which supports Microsoft Exchange Server, you can use SmartaFone and the beauty of it is that there is nothing at all to install on your Smartphones!

Microsoft Exchange Server Public Folders now on your Smartphone!


SmartaFone makes use of Microsoft's Exchange Server messaging platform.  With SmartaFone your Exchange Server Public Folders can be seen and updated on all of your mobile devices*.

If you have not seen the power of Exchange Server visit here for a complete description of its capabilities.

* Your mobile device must currently be able to synchronise with Exchange Server (using Microsoft Active Sync or Blackberry Intelisync protocols)